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Terry Feduniw commenced his company Progressive Loans in August of 2014, after over 38 years in manufacturing and other businesses as their Accountant or Chief Finance Officer. His wealth of experience gained during this time compliments his new to fame carreer as a Finance/ Mortgage broker. His understanding and experience covers asset financing needs, leasing, commercial operations and transport. Dealing with banks is nothing new to Terry, as well as communicating with solicitors, real estate personnel, etc…

Why choose us?

  • Honesty, Integrity and a very professional attitude are the keystones of our personality.
  • Qualified Accountants, working within various industries for many years; we have a strong understanding of business needs. From manufacturing equipment and processes to transport requirements, we can assist business owners with any asset or commercial finance needs.
  • We also have an understanding and a strong empathy with many diverse cultures. Any client can relax knowing we have their interests at heart, always respecting their culture and ways of life.


Our passion is to help others in achieving the great Australian dream of owning their own home,
and progressing their wealth portfolio of additional properties for Investment or Business.
We value the strong friendships and relationships forged with our clients, with everyone realizing the personal and trusted service they receive;
which they can draw on at any time and for many years into the future.

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We are committed in offering consumers the most suitable home loan advice for their particular needs. Working with a leading Aggregation group, we have an extensive lending panel at our disposal, which offer a diverse range of products between them.
We are committed to always having a very transparent approach with our clients, and always respecting their privacy and personal information. We are also determined to make ourselves available when clients are themselves available, considering their busy life schedules.


Finally, there are no fees payable to Progressive Loans for providing a finance brokng solution. The lenders are the ones whom remunerate for this service, and most lenders pay around the same amount of commissions and trail income. Thus, commissions and trail income can never determine which lenders products are put forward as suitable choices for consumers.

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