Buying your first home – case study

Buying your first home – case study

Making the seemingly impossible, very possible.


Recently, I met a lovely couple who were enquiring about the possibilities of themselves purchasing their first home.


buying your first homeOne of them had been on an 820 Visa, which many lenders have it in their policies; not to lend to clients except for Permanent Residents [PR], and Australian citizens.


They had been to a branch of one of a big 4 banks and were told they would definitely have to wait for the PR.


They also tried another broker, who did not check thoroughly; gave them hope, but only to be let down with their application. Of course, after this, they were left believing that this dream was almost impossible.


Some months passed, and their situation hadn’t changed in regard to the visa. As it can be a very long waiting game as such.


One of the applicants was listening in on a work colleague’s conversation about the recent purchase of their first home, and how easy the finance process was through their broker; which happened to be Progressive Loans. My client then shared their unfortunate experiences, obviously with a can’t do attitude; but was happy for their friend.


This friend went on to say, phone Progressive Loans, gave them my business card with some encouragement.


I did hear from this couple, and I did come across many hurdles within my research for a suitable lender. But after a few days on the phone, reading lender policies and visa matrix; I was very happy to present to them a short list of lenders whom were willing to assist.


Finding solutions to problems like this one is what we are all about at Progressive Loans. And the hard work we put in, results in a satisfaction and a great feeling of achievement. Yes, we get paid by commission and trail from the lenders; but the remuneration received, cannot be compared to the excitement on my clients’ faces when breaking the good news.


Being a brokerage firm isn’t a get rich profession, in fact, my background was in Accounting; where my salaries were more than double what is being received at present.


Helping people find a solution to their financial needs is both more challenging and rewarding than any other position I have held in my working life.


If you believe you’re not even close to obtaining a home loan, start believing; and contact us at Progressive Loans. If we don’t bring immediate success, we will at least give you better hope with a plan that will achieve your dream.


We would love to hear from you. Contact us.


Terry, your friendly mortgage broker


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