Depreciation deductions on property

Depreciation deductions on second-hand property

Depreciation deductions on second-hand property The Turnbull government passed legislation regarding how depreciation deductions on second-hand property can be claimed moving forward. Tyron Hyde, CEO of Washington Brown, highlighted six key takeaways from the legislation:    Those who acquire a second-hand residential property after May 10, 2017, which contains previously used depreciating assets, will no…

Finance brokers are replacing the role of the bank manager

Finance Brokers replace the Bank Manager

  Finance brokers are replacing the role of the bank manager in their ability to build relationships with small business customers and meet their evolving funding requirements. That’s according to Scottish Pacific CEO Peter Langham, who says that small business customers are increasingly turning to alternative funders, non-bank lenders and brokers for their financial needs.…

why you need a mortgage broker

Why use a Mortgage Broker?

Why use a Mortgage Broker? Mortgage brokers play a vital role in the home loan market. They’re experts in the loan process and will help you secure a loan for a home, investment or another commercial purpose. Mortgage brokers provide an efficient and cost-effective service, assisting you in researching, organizing and negotiating a loan that…


How to Finance Your Renovation

Once you’ve planned for your renovation, you’ll need to decide how you will pay for the project, and how much you can afford to spend. When it comes to finances, what works well for one person may be the completely wrong choice for another. It’s very important you work out exactly what your renovation project…

why renovate

Why renovate?

Why renovate? That’s the question that we are trying to answer today! Many homeowners and investors renovate their properties with the objective of adding value and maximising their return, either in the form of a higher sales price for a residential property, or a higher rental income for an investment property. However, many Australian homeowners…

Housing affordability in Australia

Housing affordability continues to slide

I recently read an article in MPA Magazine speaking about Demographia’s International’s annual Housing Affordability survey. Here is what they had to say: Housing affordability continues to deteriorate in Australia, with Sydney and Melbourne ranked among the top five least affordable major housing markets in the world, according to the 14th edition of Demographia International’s…